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The Droid BB-8 makes R2-D2 look like Alphie. [If that’s too many multi-decade robot references, please read on.]

The Droid BB-8 is lightyears ahead of any other tech gadget or toy in your collection. BB-8 is destined to become your trusty companion for all of life’s adventures. More than a robot, the BB-8 is a smart, agile partner in crime with personality to spare. Featuring highly authentic movements and expressions, the Droid BB-8 has an identity all its own. This Droid perks up when you speak to it and is autonomous enough to go out exploring all on its own. The BB-8’s singular personality evolves over time as you interact with it, developing unique attitudes and behaviors along the way. Plus, the BB-8 is agile and responsive enough to accompany you anywhere and durable enough to hold its own while moving across slick or uneven surfaces.

With the Droid BB-8, you have the option of using either voice commands or a free app on your smartphone or tablet to control its actions. Thanks to the free app, you can also record and view holographic video, using the BB-8 to project your videos onto any flat surface.

While you may initially purchase the Droid BB-8 for the child in your life, once you experience all that it can do, you’ll soon want one of your very own. Kids (and grownups) of all ages will be blown away by the endless hours of creativity and entertainment that the BB-8 brings to life. The future has become a reality in the form of the impeccable design and intelligence of the Droid BB-8.

Get ready to explore this galaxy and beyond with your new best friend, the Droid BB-8.