Guard Dog Money Box

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How can you make sure that would-be criminals keep their paws off your cash? The foolproof technology now exists in the form of the Guard Dog Money Box.

You no longer have to rely on the utterly adorable but wholly unintimidating piggy bank to keep your coins safe. Oh no, now your at-home bank now comes in shape of a menacing Guard Dog who will slickly stash away your cash from prying eyes and hands. Not even the sneakiest crook will dare to mess with this bulldog-y bank. Added bonus? The Guard Dog Money Box is the most stylish looking safe around thanks to its white ceramic construction. And you need not worry about having to smash your lovable pooches head off, as a built-in cork stopper means you can easily access your funds. It also means this money box is for life, not just for Christmas.

Always on duty, this powerful pooch will protect your fortune, big or small. A barking mad idea that actually works!