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Looking for a fun and original birthday game idea for the kids? How does Cops and Robbers… And marshmallows using a bunch of these clever Marshmallow Shooters sound to your kids and their buddies? With the pump-action rapid fire Marshmallow Shooter and sugary ammo that is easy to load will ensure non-stop sweet fun for hours.

Kids will be lining up for the fluffiest battle around with this pump-action mini marshmallow shooter. So prepare your kids for an extra (sugary) sweet victory with none of the mess (or excess pain!) of paintball and lots more fun than laser tag, the Marshmallow Shooter takes an ordinary shooter or tag game to the next level – any season of the year, indoors or out.

The marshmallow magazine holds up to 20 mini marshmallows or the red foam pellets for continuous play. The minis can be shot to a distance of up to 30 feet / 9m – perfect for long distance strategic fun and games outdoors on sunny days. The best part? Cleanup is a cinch because the magazine (main tube) and nozzle are both easily removable allowing for easy washing (dishwasher safer) to ensure smooth sweet shooting.

The marshmallow shooter can use any brand of marshmallow as long as they are fresh, fluffy and return to their original shape when compressed. And as an extra precaution to avoid the marshmallows getting stuck in the shooter, it is important to ensure that all marshmallows used in the shooter have not been refrigerated, left exposed or frozen.