Marshmallow Straight Shooter


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Blow guns have just gone from deadly to delicious thanks to the Marshmallow Straight Shooter.

Indulge your inner cave-boy (or cave-girl!) in the safest way possible by swapping out darts for mini marshmallows. Using only the power of your own lungs, you can shoot your fluffy ammo up to 30 feet. The mathematics of the Marshmallow Straight Shooter is simple: one breath equals one marshmallowy shot. The Straight Shooter comes in various designs, including the classic design, Ghostbusters style, and our personal favorite – the Camo version, as it will help you sneak up on your target by blending into your surroundings with its camouflage design.

Prepare to become the favorite gift giver on the block because kids of all ages are guaranteed to be blown away by the Marshmallow Straight Shooter.