Pac-man Cookie Cutters

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I ain’t afraid of no ghost. Especially yummy ghosts!
Cookies always taste better when they are baked in tasty, retro shapes, and what better form could cookies take other than that of our beloved Pac-man? Turn one of the world’s most iconic video games into an edible treat with these Pac-Man Cookie Cutters! These fun cookie cutters made from silicone are a doddle to use and even easier to wash up, making them the ideal gift for wannabe bakers. Or perhaps the perfect excuse to make another batch of cookies after the boring round ones go stale.

You will have the opportunity to impersonate the yellow muncher himself by gobbling up the pesky ghosts, Blinky, Inky and Pinky – Muahahahahaha! These Pac-Man Cookie cutters come packed with huge amounts of fun for any hungry video gamer. The pack contains one Pac-Man and three ghosts.