Ridge Retro Cruiser 27″


Ridge Large Cruiser 27 Inch - GreenRidge Large Cruiser 27 Inch - PurpleRidge Large Cruiser 27 Inch - WhiteRidge Large Cruiser 27 Inch - Clear Blue

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Can you travel around all day without taking a single step? You can now, thanks to the Ridge Skateboards Big Brother Large Retro Cruiser!

The Big Brother is the ultimate starter board, inspired by the iconic 1970’s shape but made to longer specifications in a 27″ size. This board is particularly great for beginners as its larger size allows riders to learn proper foot placement and spacing. All of Ridge’s materials are super high end, including their secret formula plastic deck, which balances strength and durability with flexibility. You may even be tempted to treat yourself to multiple boards as they’re available in 1500 color combinations. How could you possibly choose just one?