Retro Wooden Nutcracker Robots


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In the future it is obvious that real robots will crack open tough nuts for you, but until then you can get these Retro Wooden Nutcracker Robots to do the job for you. Made from solid beech wood and painted in bright and retro colors, you can insert any nut with a hard shell inside the robot’s belly and twist the retro wind-up key to crack that blasted shell open and get to the delicious nut inside.

These little guys come in two different sizes:

Option 1 – A large blue robot nutcracker, measuring at an impressive 12.5 cm x 6 cm x 33 cm / 4.9 in x 2.3 in x 13 in (Width x depth x height)

Option 2 – The regular robot nutcracker. And it comes in two colors – Red or Natural beech wood. Measurements are:  14 cm x 5 cm x 22 cm / 5.5 in x 1.97 in x 8.66 in (Width x depth x height)