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Train sound effects to eat food is so 1990’s, with these Space 3D cookie cutters, the sounds the kids will be making when eating these biccies will be more along the lines of “3….2……1… pppphhhhhh take off” and perhaps a bit of “Phhhsshoooooooommmm!”, and of course the definite “Yummmm” at the end.

These fantastic Space 3D cookie cutters are created by cutting out multiple different shapes in the cookie dough using the different space cutter parts. Then after baking them, simply put the different pieces together for an exciting edible adventure. The kids will be invading faraway galaxies in no time.

There are four different spaceships cookie cutters to choose from (sold separately), including a Rocket, Shuttle, Star Fighter and Space Buggy. Each pack includes the spaceship cutter parts, a star and a space explorer to come along on the galactic adventure.